Earlier this year we were introduced to the music of Nashville’s, Joshua Ketchmark, with his song, Tazewell County Line. We’re happy that he’s reached the top of our reviews pile again here at the Send Me Your Ears studio with his latest single, Death Trap.

All of the songs on his 10th studio album, Blood, are based on Ketchmark’s experiences of growing up in the mid-West. Death Trap is a song about overcoming obstacles, following your dreams and never giving up.

Death Trap is a slow burn – a five minute song that remains gentle throughout. The song starts with some delicate acoustic guitar and as soon as Ketchmark’s fragile and country-style vocals come in, you can feel that this is going to be a song that takes you on a journey. Ketchmark’s vocals sound very much like Jon Bon Jovi’s more gentle moments and we feel that his is a voice that could capture any style of Southern rock/country/Americana effectively. It is a timeless voice that delivers the lyrics in a way that draws you in and makes you really get behind his message.

As the song progresses, a subtle bassline and some extra guitars are added. There is some beautiful slide guitar work. We love the use of cello in this style of music and here it is used perfectly.

We like the echoes that are used on the vocals in places and the heartbeat-like kick drum that comes in about halfway through the track. Ending on a heartbeat monitor that seems to have stopped sends a message to the listener. Perhaps the town, or the state of mind that he’s in, truly is a death trap.

Another track that we feel would be best placed for a sync licensing deal. Ketchmark seems to be making a real name for himself with this type of music and we are looking forward to hearing a great deal more from him in the future.

Ketchmark’s latest single, Death Trap, is a gentle Americana homage to life in the mid-West. Highly recommended and very likely to win him many new fans.

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