Juna N Joey – ‘Til Your Heart Breaks

Brother and sister team, Juna N Joey’s latest single, ‘Til Your Heart Breaks, has been in our ears today at the Send Me Your Ears studio. A truly heartfelt and emotional love song.

We’re always excited to see new music of this quality come across our desk from teenage artists and Juna N Joey (16 and 19 respectively) have pulled together something really quite special in this release.

‘Til Your Heart Breaks is a country ballad, reminiscent of the likes of Civil Wars or perhaps Lady A. The song starts very strongly with some beautiful piano playing and a really strong lead vocal from Joey. His voice is truly characterful and earnest, with a quality technique and a great deal of power.

When Juna takes over the lead vocal, her voice is equally powerful, but with a vulnerability to it behind the power. Her sound is more typical of a Nashville artist.

The song really comes alive when the two of them sing harmonies. The switch from piano to guitar in the background of the first chorus, together with the dual vocals is a nice change up and takes the song to a whole new level.

By the time that all important second verse comes in, you’re truly invested in this heartfelt ballad. Managing to maintain the listener’s interest by adding the piano back in and remaining mostly as harmony, but with occasional solo lines, ’Til Your Heart Breaks develops well. There’s a particularly clever stop before the word “breaks” that really draws the listener into the song. This really is an expertly crafted song that has been well performed by this Nashville brother/sister team.

At ages 16 and 19, these two freely admit that they haven’t experienced the level of heart ache that this song alludes to, but with the help of some more experienced musicians and producer, they have been able to produce a truly heart wrenching song that soars and swells with emotions and vulnerability.

From a production point of view, this is a great track. To our taste there’s a few minor changes that we’d suggest as follows;

We noticed a slight honk in the acoustic guitar at 185Hz (F#) that we’d suggest notching out. A low end shelf across the bottom 2.5 octaves will add some more depth and warmth in that area, whilst also high passing as high as 60Hz to remove any rumble in the track. As there’s no percussion in the track this area could be removed and leave more headway and space. Perhaps consider a shelf boost across the top 3 octaves, whilst notching out around 11kHz to avoid boosting the sibilance in the vocals too much.

Juna N Joey’s single, ‘Til Your Heart Breaks is a truly authentic country/pop ballad with soaring harmony vocals from a young duo that we are excited to see progress. They are clearly very ambitious and look to have just the right attitude to take their career a long way.