Raleigh, North Carolina artists, Juniper Avenue, are set to release their single, Bumfuzzle, today. We’ve been taking a few listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Bumfuzzle is an energetic song from start to finish. With wild and abstract lyrics as though they’re from someone coming out of a feverish dream, the song starts with electric guitars and a wild scream from the lead vocalist.

Juniper Avenue are Jeremy Adinolfi- Drums Luke Baker- Guitar, vocals Cody Everest- Bass Graham Levy- Lead Guitar. Formed in high school in North Carolina, this five piece band are on a mission to deliver retro sounding punky enthusiasm.

Currently playing the bars and house concerts around Raleigh, Juniper Avenue feel like a band with more ambition.

Throughout the song, there is a lot happening at any given moment. We particularly liked the honky tonk style piano that creeps in in the background and adds to the overall feel of the song. It’s touches like this that make us think of early Rolling Stones styles. The band also seem to have a touch of Sex Pistols about them, and there are tiny glimpses of early Beatles (e.g. Twist and Shout).

What impressed us more than anything about this track is the quality of the musicianship of these young players. With fuzz style electric guitar solos, taking leafs out of the standard blues scale solos and a gorgeous running bassline, the “strings” section is well covered. The drumming has some superb elements and great fills. Really impressive stuff.

Bumfuzzle has a bizarre EQ filtered section at around 3 minutes in that takes out all of the top frequencies and then stops suddenly. It certainly made us pay attention, that’s for sure!

From a production perspecitve, a boost at around 90Hz would add some depth and bring out those inspired bass lines a little more. A couple of cuts around 1.5kHz and 2.5kHz would smooth out some honky tones in the vocal track and some harsh tones in the guitar track. Finally, a boost around 5kHz to give the whole track some extra presence and definition. We loved the punk rock attitude displayed so well in this track. The whole thing smacks of the Sex Pistols “…and we don’t care!!”

Juniper Avenue’s single, Bumfuzzle, is an explosion of confidence and raw power from a group of talented young musicians who we’re very excited to hear more from.