We recently reviewed Kaeley Jade’s single, Ego, and were blown away by it. Now she’s back with a new single, Poltergeist, and we’ve been thrilled to be taking a listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Poltergeist is a song about feeling the spark go out of a relationship and feeling helpless when you notice the distance growing and growing to the point where you just drift apart. Poltergeist was written almost tongue in cheek by Jade at the end of a relationship and seems perhaps like her own kind of therapy for the situation.

Poltergeist starts on almost industrial sounding percussion before a strummed guitar is added and shortly afterwards, Kaeley Jade’s smooth and welcoming vocals enter the mix. The song really focusses on percussion and vocals at this point. There’s the occasional tambourine shakes and then you head in to a huge sounding chorus with a super catchy melody and a real sing along feel.

That all important second chorus is superb. Breaking down and dropping right back before ploughing straight back into that catchy chorus again.

An electric guitar solo with a great choice of tone and simple but effective melody leads into another break down with vocals and minimal instrumentation (predominantly percussive). We particularly love the way that the choruses are changed up to maintain interest and the lovely little breakdown triplet ending in one of the choruses works a treat.

Once again, Kaeley Jade’s vocals are the star of the show. With moments of both Taylor Swift and Alanis Morisette, Jade’s head voice flipping is a country technique added in and executed to perfection. This is a really classy performance once again.

From a production perspective, perhaps consider a cut between 75Hz and 80Hz, which would balance out a dominant frequency in the bass and a shelf boost in the top octave would bring out the sparkle created by the tambourine / shaker etc.

We’re absolutely honoured to be listening to music of this quality. Kaeley Jade has a definite positive future on the Canadian music scene and is most definitely “one to watch”.