Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single, You’re My Kind, from Australian artist, Kaiwyn.

You’re My Kind was written in 2008 with a heavy influence of early 2000s pop/rock/punk scene. It is a song expressing the regret of an unexpected mutual liking of two individuals whose timing didn’t match up. It is a song that has only recently been recorded as Kaiwyn decided it was time to start sorting through his back catalogue.

You’re My Kind starts with a full sound warm guitar with some low bass-like notes. Some dreamy incidental guitar fills are added before the vocals join the mix.

When the vocals do come in, they are very clear in the mix, present and up front. They are easy to discern every lyric and Kaiwyn delivers each line with the fragile confidence of someone who is expressing regret and lost love, perhaps.

When the drums join the mix, the song takes on more of an indie pop feel. The choruses provide extra vocals and a 16 beat tambourine which both serve to provide plenty of clarity between sections in the song and help maintain interest.

At one point, there is a choir of voices in a breakdown, slightly reminiscent of the Glorious Sons before leading to an exhilarating key change which takes the song up a pace even further.

You’re My Kind includes a variety of experimental sounds such as hiccups, mic feedback, smacking lips and laser gun. We challenge you to find them all!

From a production perspective, we would suggest a boost around 55Hz would help make the kick drum a little more audible in the mix. Also, a cut around 600-700Hz in the vocal track would reduce some slightly ‘honky’ tones which were possibly picked up either during the recording or the tuning process.

You’re My Kind is a song that has been waiting far too long to be heard. We are looking forward to hearing what Kaiwyn produces next in his musical journey.

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