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Australian artist, Katanak (aka Dylan Cattanach) has just released his latest single, Weigh Down, and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying it here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Weigh Down is written about the feeling of life weighing you down and moving on from tough situations. Written originally about Katanak’s exciting new role as bassist Jerry Scheff in the upcoming ELVIS movie by Baz Luhrmann, Katanak seems to be on a positive and upward trajectory with his music career.

Weigh Down is a beautiful, 80s feeling pop song. Some stunning bass work in the song (we guess, hence the new role!) really carries the song and gives it a kind of Johnny Hates Jazz/ perhaps Deacon Blue late 80s feel.

Katanak’s vocal sits well in an 80s genre style track and his low notes in this are very well controlled, showing a great range in his vocal ability. The harmonies in the song are well placed and add even more to that late 80s feel.

Speaking of the 80s…! The chorus is super-catchy and feels like it has been lifted straight out of the 80s. The use of 16 beat on the tambourine add that Stock Aitken Waterman feel to the song and the whole song has a very positive feel to it.

Despite the lyrics (“feeling I’ve lost control of the person i want to be” for example), Weigh Down is a bouncy and very original sounding honest track. Although feeling like an 80s track, it is still most definitely unique and not a copycat in any way. Katanak has a character, especially in his voice but also in his lyrical content, that is individual and instantly recognisable. Although this is our first hearing of Katanak, we’re pretty sure we could pick out his style from a different track, which is always the making of a great, genre crossing artist.

There’s some really great rise and fall in this track, together with some absolutely superb use of stops. The middle 8 section rises and builds interest before dropping back to almost nothing after it, leaving the listener excited and thoroughly paying full attention!

Gabi Rankine Creative

The production on this track really is superb. For my own personal taste, I’d boost the top octave to add a little more air into the track, especially the tambourine, and perhaps consider filtering out some information in the lowest octave to get rid of some rumble that most home speakers can’t handle, but essentially, this is top notch stuff!

We’re excited to hear more from Katanak (and also can’t wait for his role in the upcoming Elvis movie). This is solid, positive, nostalgia with a modern twist with a very recognisable sound and a positive outlook. Great stuff!

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  1. Thanks so much Send Me Your Ears for featuring my new single ‘Weigh Down’. An absolute pleasure to speak to you guys and have you support my music.

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