KAYBLE – Thorns In A Glass House

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KAYBLE ’s newest release, Thorns In A Glass House, is a superbly unique and interesting fusion of genres. The track has moments where it feels a little folky (mostly from the lead vocalist’s voice) but the EDM style production on the song makes it feel more current.
Thorns in a Glass House feels to me a little Muse like or perhaps a dirty, electronic version of Radiohead.

This is a track with great development. It rises and falls enough to keep the listener hooked all the way through with well placed moments of just vocal alone. With wailing (for want of a better word, and most definitely in a good way!) backing vocals that swirled around and carried my mind around and forced me to focus in on the lyrics of the lead vocal. An interesting theme of love of an addict, I think.

I’ve always been a big fan of Art Rock and Kayble cites this sub-genre as one of his influences. I can see why. The glacier-like reverbs that swirled from side to side in my ears had a kind of 70s feel to them but, as I mentioned, the overall EDM style production with smooth and heavy compression made the track louder in my ears than many of the straightforward rock or singer songwriter tracks that I’ve reviewed recently.

I like this. It’s a really interesting style. It’s hard for an artist to find a niche in this saturated market but mixing these genres is not something I’ve come across before and it really grabbed my attention. Great stuff.

We’re giving this track 4 ears out of 5 and look forward to hearing more from this talented and intriguing British artist.