This is a no-nonsense, good old style rock n roll track. It reminded me very much of Black Crowes/ Bob Seger.

It crashes in with supreme confidence with a cheeky little run on the piano and drums that clearly mean business. The first 5 seconds tell you everything you need to know about the song and what you’re to expect. 

The vocals suit the style of the song, they have that swagger that you don’t hear in modern music quite so much these days. I particularly liked the moments when you tailed off into a spoken section that just oozed confidence.

The break down is a nice touch, as are the stops. They were unexpected and I like that in a song that I’d already decided was right up my street. 

The backing vocals are beautiful. They sit absolutely perfectly and don’t dominate without being lost. The lead vocalist sounds great overall but I personally feel that the vocals got a little lost in a few places and it was hard to make out the lyrics.

“Dance” is a well mixed track with a great stereo sound without over-panning.

Some frequency balancing would make this track more commercial, particularly in the top end. Currently it sounds just slightly muted – almost as though it were being played in the room next door. And of course, if you’re seeking commercial success with this, I’d suggest considering shortening it. Coming in at just shy of 5 minutes would deter more commercial radio stations.

Overall this is a pleasant listen, a trip down memory lane and a real foot tapper. Great job! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to review.

We give this track 3/5