Killer Kennedy – Disney Bitch

There’s a new kid on the block and she’s making some serious waves! We’re listening to the debut single from Killer Kennedy and its called Disney Bitch!

According to her pitch, Killer Kennedy’s debut single “Disney Bitch” released on April 5th following a viral tik tok that reached 1.1 million views. It’s so far been featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds Pop” playlist and Apple Music’s “New in Alternative”. The music Video has reached 100k views in one week.

Not too shabby for a young girl with an attitude and some serious ambition! Disney Bitch is a real girl power attitude laden pop song. It’s kind of like a blend of Taylor Swift coupled with the punkiness of the likes of Avril Lavigne but brought together in a modern way.

Disney Bitch is 2 minutes of girl power energy. Probably a good length to grab some attention on TikTok, but perhaps a little too short for commercial air play (not to mention a few parental advisory moments!). Clearly, however, Disney Bitch has got Killer Kennedy a good step on the “fame ladder” and we hope that she has the right people around her to make sure she makes the best decisions for what looks to be a very promising future.

We really love the lyrics of Disney Bitch. Killer Kennedy has clearly thought a great deal about her message and the line “i can’t hit the high notes, I only tell bad jokes” shows she isn’t taking herself too seriously. She is however, clearly very very determined and is taking her fledgling career very seriously.

This is a fun and playful song which oozes commercial appeal. The drums are punchy and hit you right in the chest. There’s some lovely stereo effects on the argeggiated staccato synth at the beginning. The song develops well with changes in that all important second verse and the even-more-important chorus is catchy and easy to join in with. All the marks of a hit pop song.

The production suits this track. It is very modern, heavily compressed, loud and with occasional tuned vocals, all of which are spot on for today’s modern pop.
As a debut single, the traction that Disney Bitch has already received is just outstanding. It is clearly hitting the right spot with her target demographic and we have no doubt that we’ll be hearing a great deal more from this young LA based artist.