Kinga Angelys – Hurricane

Kinga Angelys’ new single, Hurricane, is a serious Girl Power anthem that makes you truly believe her lyric that she is “stronger than ever”.


This is an exceptionally radio friendly track, coming in at just over 3 minutes longer and powerful from start to finish.

Vocally, a clearly very confident performer that set my mind thinking to the likes of Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson and Vanessa Carlton. Kinga’s vocals have that top end buzz in them which the likes of Karen Carpenter were absolute masters at. I can almost see her smiling as she sings. Kinga clearly loves what she does and is passionate about getting her message out there.

The backing vocals came in and out to add power and interest when needed, the instruments were all played very well, and mixed in well into the track. I liked the little piano riffs here and there (perhaps that was what made me think of Vanessa Carlton). Either way, very nice touches.

Photo credit: Ivori Studios

Whilst the vocals are absolutely sublime, there were a few spots that I felt they were a touch too loud. It’s clear that the overall track has been heavily compressed which add to the song’s extremely current sound, but does take just a little character away from the overall sound. That said, that is very much the norm in current pop songs so no criticism here, just my personal taste.

This is a stunning, confident and empowering track from an artist who I believe has significant potential in today’s music industry. I look forward to hear more from Kinga.

Hurricane is due for release at the end of February. Pre-save it now on all your favourite platforms.

I give this track 4 ears out of 5