Orlando artist, Kit Citrine, has just released their latest single, Midnight Masquerade, and we’ve been taking a listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today. Midnight Masquerade is the debut single from their forthcoming album, and despite having been a performer for decades, this is their debut album in terms of original material. And wow. What a start!

For lovers of passionate pop rock vocals, Midnight Masquerade will surely appeal. Openly genderfluid and bisexual, Kit Citrine’s performance is emotional and heartfelt. Midnight Masquerade deals themes of mental health and expectations from society.

Kit’s voice is breathy and very clear in the mix. Sounding a lot like Pink in places, their passionate delivery and quality belted vocals are world class.

In places, the vocals are doubled and faster, giving a sense of urgency to the message of the song. In other places, backing vocals are given a telephone effect, implying distance and the coming to terms with the grief that prompted Citrine to turn to songwriting.

Midnight Masquerade has modern production and modern instrumentation with a gorgeously bright kick drum and some fantastic use of toms to break up the different sections. The stereo in the drums is absolutely fantastic.

The rise and fall in Midnight Masquerade is superb. The intensity of the vocals carries throughout, but during the choruses Kit’s high notes gave us goosebumps.

A beautifully stereo track with modern production, we’d suggest a few ideas (to our own personal taste). A high pass at 35Hz will eliminate any rumble that most speakers can’t handle. A thin boost around 50-55Hz will fill a little gap in the low end sub of the kick drum. A wider boost around 150Hz will add some more meat and punch, especially to those glorious toms, without detracting from the clarity of the vocals. The toms are very bright and clear, but just missing a little low end in our opinion. Perhaps also consider a top octave boost for a little more “air” in the track.

Kit Citrine’s first foray into original songwriting is a stunning one. Midnight Masquerade is a powerful and passionate performance with a hugely important message. We simply cannot wait to hear what this talented Florida artist will produce next and we urge you to add them on Spotify.