Kyle Chatham – Once More Round Your Heart

It’s not often that we find a six minute song that utterly grips us from the first note to the last. Introducing Kyle Chatham’s latest single, Once More Round Your Heart.

Kyle is a new name to us, but one that we will most certainly be seeking out in the future. We are absolutely blown away by this track. A real relaxed, cool, chillout vibe with plenty of development to maintain your interest throughout the song, and an extremely well structured pattern of sections and instruments that drop in and out as and when necessary.

The repeated title line on the vocals makes you feel comfortable without getting repetitive. The song really comes into its own at just after 3 minutes where there’s the most glorious swell that took our breath away.

The layered synths, the guitar swells, the simple but effective drum track all blend together perfectly. There’s great use of stereo and panning, and each instrument is given just the right amount of representation in its own frequency space. The song is bright, warm and clear and has fantastic representation across the entire frequency range.

Kyle Chatham clearly has a rather expert knowledge of music theory based on his note choices and instrumentation, as well as a very clear knowledge of production. We understand that Kyle has produced this track himself and has a degree in sound production. He clearly lives and breathes what he learned in college and we can only imagine how proud his tutors are of him.

We’ve talked about the instrumentation, the production and the general vibe of this song, and whilst all absolutely flawless, we’ve left the best til last… Kyle Chatham’s voice. Wow!

There are moments of Elbow, Peter Gabriel, Del Amitri (Justin Currie) and Fish (particularly the Marbles album). All of whom are outstanding vocalists. Chatham has them all. The falsetto in Kyle’s voice is some of the best we’ve heard in a long time. Maintained well and with breathiness to add just that extra little bit of vulnerability to draw the listener in. The long notes in falsetto are outstanding. The vocal track has been well compressed, giving Chatham the freedom to show off his belting abilities later on in the track, together with just a touch of twang when needed. This really is a world class vocal performance and we cannot praise it highly enough.

Everything about Once More Round Your Heart is inspirational. The lyrics are heartfelt, the writing is exciting, the performance is world class and the production is outstanding. It really isn’t that often that we are this blown away by a song.

We’d really like to see Chatham’s social media numbers rise and we’d suggest to him to make absolutely sure he finds the right team around him or DIYs until he can. Sending this track for sync consideration, or perhaps to BBC introducing (both in the South and in Scotland) would be a good idea.