Kyle M Watson -It’s You

Kyle M Watson hits it out of the park with his single, It’s You.

Reading his press release it seems Kyle hasn’t done a great deal of music publicly yet, but if this track is anything to go by, it’s only a matter of time.

“It’s You” has a fantastic Boyz II Men 90s R&B feel to it with some spectacular lead vocals. Really striking, confident and sultry. The falsetto in the higher range was sublime to listen to! Thanks Kyle for making my day.

The keys were reminiscent of Stevie Wonder and really helped bring the whole song together.

I absolutely loved the stereo backing vocals. They came in at just the right moment to maintain my interest with a real classy gospel feel to them.

The deep sub bass in the track really helped with an overall feeling of positivity and reminded me how lucky I am to have no neighbours. I turned this track up LOUD!

Lyrically a little cliched, but hey, it’s a Christmas song so we can let that fly!

Always seeking to help artists and make useful suggestions on production, I personally would have taken just out a little of the frequency of the side stick in the first verse. It felt a little too dominant and detracted from my enjoyment of Kyle’s smooth as satin vocals. Other than this, it’s a well produced track that I can see that Kyle’s given everything he has to.

I give this 4 ears out of 5 and am looking forward to hearing more from this talented Brooklyn artist