Lapels – The Life & Times

Derby based young Britpop band, Lapels, have released a fantastic new single, The Life & Times, and we’re here to tell you all about it!
The song starts confidently with a well recorded acoustic guitar and an interesting chord sequence. I like how a gentle hammond/ wurlitzer comes in with a single note to keep the song developing and fill out the sound a little. At about 1 minute into the song, the drums and bass arrive and you have yourself a really catchy and interesting song.
A well played electric guitar, with well chosen notes creates riffs between vocal lines and extra keys and further vocals come in. The song just keeps on building!

Kudos to the drummer here for some real quality playing with great separation between sections. This really makes the song for me.

Photo credits: Christina Jansen

The electric guitar solo is simple and repeated. It doesn’t need to be any more than that. It does its job perfectly. The moment of silence on all the other instruments for just a brief period put me in mind of Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” and made me smile.
There’s some great attention to detail on this song; the fast slap back delay on the vocals fits well with the kind of Brit pop 90s era that I can see (from their video, if nothing else!) is a huge influence on their writing.
This is well a played, well written, well recorded and well produced foray into a new generation of 90s Brit Pop. At three minutes long, and extremely catchy, this is radio friendly stuff.
My only thoughts on production would be to consider a cut in the mids and a boost in the top on the vocal track to give it some more clarity. I’d also consider boosting around 60Hz to give the kick drum a little more oomph!

I’m very excited to hear more from this young Northern UK band. I can see why their label picked them up quickly, and I can only imagine how much life and energy they have on stage together.