Leche Guy – U N ME

The new single from Leche Guy, U N ME, is out now and we urge you to go take a listen.
Reading the biography it seems to us that music is something which has saved Leche Guy’s life and we thoroughly applaud and understand his perspective. He speaks of a difficult life and a historically turbulent family situation, something we can relate to here at Send Me Your Ears and the music he is now producing is making him feel heard and appreciated. We stand by Leche Guy -in his quest for self love and growth.

U N ME is a supremely unique and catchy song. It had us all slowly nodding our heads all the way through. Despite being a relatively long song (as far as commercial radio is concerned) at just over 4 minutes and 30 seconds, Leche Guy managed to maintain our interest throughout with some catchy choruses and lots of very different sections.

The song starts with some harmony vocals absolutely drenched in reverb before swiftly moving into a section of just drums before the full song comes in. This is a really funky R&B style track that would sit well on an 80s/90s funk/ pop playlist.

The vocals throughout the song are confident. Leche Guy has clearly found his voice and isn’t afraid to share it with the world. There’s some rather unique panned very high, almost child like, voices in places but everything just adds to the individuality and helps to maintain the listeners interest.

U N ME is very much powered by the bass and drums. The bass playing is super funky and the drums sit well in the mix. There’s so much happening here to keep your interest. At one point there’s a synth-like sounding harmonica, at another point the bass takes centre stage. You just don’t know what’s going to happen next, and we like that in a song. Returning regularly to the catchy chorus so you don’t get too lost, U N ME is a lesson in switching things up!

For production, we’d suggest a wide cut right across the bottom 5 octaves, plus an extra cut around the 250-300Hz range to counteract just a little boominess in the overall track. There’s a bass frequency around 125Hz that’s a little dominant to our taste too that we’d suggest notching out. Perhaps consider a shelf boost on the top two octaves as well to add in a little brightness to the track and make the drums and that beautiful voice sing out a little more clearly.

U N ME is a lesson in how to produce a cross genre song with ease and grace. Leche Guy has created something really unique here and we’re excited to be a part of his journey. We can’t wait to hear more.