Alabama-based, Lindsay Holifield, releases her latest single, Ghost Girl, today (28 October 2022) and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio were given the chance for a sneak preview.

Ghost Girl is a fragile and gentle singer-songwriter track which relies more on the importance of the message than any kind of heavy production.

Ghost Girl is a song about the tension of wanting to check out, but also hearing an echo of your own voice despite it all. Lindsay describes herself as someone who has dealt with mental struggles for most of her life. She says that fading into a ghost of yourself can feel easier sometimes.

Centred around a gently strummed acoustic guitar, Ghost Girl keeps things real throughout. With lo-fi bedroom production, this feels like a song that would be best heard at a coffee shop singer-songwriter performance. One where the listener can be engulfed in the emotions that Holifield is conveying.

Holified’s vocals are stripped-back, fragile and emotional. It feels throughout the song that Holifield is allowing herself to be vulnerable to really get her message across. The exposed vocals reminded us a little of Silje Neergard or perhaps Lene Marlin. The harmonies and additional vocals that Holifield uses add perfectly to the fragility of the performance.

As the song progresses and develops, a very gentle and subtle amount of percussion is added. A kick and shaker are the main percussive sounds, with the occasional snare. These add nicely to help maintain the listener’s interest, but even without these additions, the song stands up well as a live-feeling performance.

This may be a song to pitch to music supervisors for inclusion in a TV show. Many supervisors are actively seeking out low-fi acoustic tracks, and with a voice as endearing as Lindsay Holifield, this track has great potential for use.

We love the lo-fi production that serves to highlight Holifield’s quality vocals. We do feel that a few production changes would make the track stronger. Boosting around 100Hz would add warmth to the track once the percussion comes in. Also, the acoustic guitar is resonating in the low mids between 200Hz and 230Hz so some careful surgical EQ cuts here would help balance it out. Playing with a pick instead of fingers and thumbs would also help to reduce these peaks as well as adding brightness to the guitar track in general. More compression on the vocals would reduce peaks in the volume and help them fit better in the track. A wide cut centred around 500Hz and a wide boost centred around 5kHz would balance the track out nicely, reducing some honky tones and increasing the overall brightness and presence.

A fragile and vulnerable performance from a vocalist with a beautifully raw and emotional voice. Lindsay Holifield’s, Ghost Girl is a beautiful singer-songwriter track.