Italian artist, Lorenzo Gabanizza, is set to release his next single, I Guess I Am The Only One, on July 7 2022. We here at Send Me Your Ears have had a sneak preview and we’re here to tell you about it.

I Guess I Am The Only One is a song about egotism and consumerism. The song is a gentle reminder that love and inclusivity is far more important, and that people seem to have forgotten this. At a time like this, this is a great message, and put across in a very positive, catchy country song.

The chord sequence of I Guess I Am The Only One isn’t quite what you’d expect for a country song, and that in itself manages to lift this track above the usual country standards that are a dime a dozen.

The harmony vocals in the chorus fit in nicely and help build the song in all the right places, adding that touch that makes this track a perfect road trip song!

We like the panned left country style guitar that sits beautifully between the vocal lines and helps to maintain interest throughout the track. It’s beautifully played and very much in keeping with the genre.

The bass playing is melodic and interesting. There’s no dull root note work here, and the fills that are added in just the right number of places are subtle, but add a great deal to the overall feel of the song.

We couldn’t help but be reminded of Bob Seger’s “Still The Same”. Lorenzo’s vocals, together with the key and melody line and instrumentation reminded us very much of this track – a song that we love, by the way.

The chorus is catchy and something that you’re quickly ready to join in with. We imagine this would be a great track to hear live at an outdoor festival over the summer.

From a production perspective, we’d suggest a boost centred around 60Hz for some extra low end and thump in the kick. A small cut around 250-300Hz to add a little more clarity in that area. A boost of the top 2-2.5 octaves for some extra presence in the backing, especially the drums. To our ears, a little more reverb on the vocals could help them sit even more comfortably in the track. All of these suggestions are small ones, and of course, to our taste.

I Guess I Am The Only One is a great country song with an important message and a catchy feel to it. Out on all platforms on July 7, we urge you to add Lorenzo Gabanizza to your Spotify playlists.