Lost Like Lions are a pop rock/alternative band from Buffalo, New York. They are due to release their latest single, Back To Life on February 25 2022.

This is an incredibly short (blink and you’ll miss it!!) blast of a kind of 90s alt rock style song. Lyrically interesting; this is a song about reinventing yourself. A subject matter that’s being written about a great deal during the pandemic, but one which is certainly brought alive by Lost Like Lions.

Back To Life starts confidently with all instruments and lead vocals being nice and clear in the mix. The instruments are well played and gel very well together. Particular kudos for some really on point tones in the guitars. I’m also very taken with the lovely stereo and great balance in the drum track. I can almost hear where the kit was sat in the room during the recording process.

About a third of the way through, the song finds its feet a little more and develops into a heavier rockier style, very reminiscent of Lit – “My own worst enemy”. At this point the track is heavily compressed, but still nothing is dominating and all the instrumentation sits comfortably.

Photo credits: Brandi Amoia Photography

The song ends, almost as quickly as it started, with a lovely shimmery feeling guitar riff that slowly fades out. At just 2 1/2 minutes the listener is left wanting more. This is a very commercial sounding track and one which could well have some success on the US college radio scene. Many radio hosts seem pretty happy to try a band that’s new to them if the song is this short!

My own thoughts on mastering are that a wide boost centred around 80Hz would add some kick and warmth to the overall track as well as a large shelf boost around 8kHz to provide just a little more life into the track. A single band compressor in the top end will help to bring the top end under control a little more too.

Lost Like Lions look set to take the world by storm with this exciting new offering. We’re looking forward to hearing how things develop for them and wish them all the very best.

We give this song 4 ears out of 5