Lost Like Lions – Medicate (Featuring Aj Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer)

We reviewed Lost Like Lions previous single, Back To Life recently, and now they’re back with their latest single, Medicate with guest vocals from Aj Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to Lost Like Lions again here at the Send Me Your Ears Studio and were excited that this latest single is twice as long as the previous one!! Twice as much awesomeness. To be fair – the previous track was only two minutes long.

Lost Like Lions describe their latest single;

“Medicate” is a song about being young, making mistakes, and embracing them. It’s definitely a song of nostalgia, and the days of your only worry in the world being “What friend group am I hanging out with tonight? And what will I be drinking for the night?”

With some catchy lyrics (“all my friends are hooking up with everyone, another year another trip around the sun”), Medicate is a fun sounding melodic punk/rock track, reminiscent perhaps of Blink 182 or similar acts of that 90s era.

It is quite a coup for Lost Like Lions to have Aj Perdomo on guest vocals and his classy rock/punk vocals really do add a great deal to this track.

Medicate is a drums heavy track with driven guitars and powerful attitude. There’s some great rise and fall in the track, together with some cool stops around 1m30s and lots of interesting drum changes – a lovely 16 beat section and some great fills. A lovely high pass drums section leading into the double chorus at the end helps to maintain interest and build the song perfectly. Serious kudos to the drummer for keeping the song tight and moving along nicely.

We love the occasional harmonies in the track. They add SO much to the song and we’d love to hear Lost Like Lions use a lot more harmony in their songs. It fits so well with the genre and really helps to fill out the sound.

From a production perspective, the track is quiet in comparison with commercial releases and a little bit “middley”. We’d suggest a shelf boost up as high as 200Hz, especially around 120-150Hz as well as a wide boost centred around 8kHz plus an additional boost of the top octave. These tips, in our opinion, will add a great deal more punch and life to the overall track. We’d love the opportunity to give this track a remaster, as it really does have some hit potential!

We were thrilled to review Lost Like Lions latest track, Medicate. We are really starting to get a feel for what this Buffalo (US) based band are about and we love both the energy and the old school feel that they bring to the table. Great stuff!