LOUIS CROSS – Better Light

Manchester based, Louis Cross, is set to release his latest single, Better Light, on February 25 2022. We’ve had a sneak preview here at Send Me Your Ears.

This is a positive sounding track with a great message. Louis reminds the listener to be mindful of invisible disabilities. You never know what someone is going through. A great message and one which needs to be sung from the rooftops. Louis alludes to his own disabilities, but doesn’t go into any detail, which in a way makes the message stronger. We have no idea what he’s dealing with but he’s asking the listener to be mindful.

The song starts with a gentle acoustic guitar that quickly builds into a full band sound. Louis has a unique voice which really comes into its own when the background vocals come in during the chorus and bolster up the overall sound.
The chorus of Better Light is super-catchy and brings home the important message; “Look for a Better Light”.
This song has some lovely rise and fall and maintains interest throughout.

Better Light is a radio friendly length, and with a stinger ending, could be considered for a sync deal – perhaps for an advert or TV show.
In my opinion, the song and its message are just a little let down by the production. I would give the vocals some extra compression to balance out some inconsistent volumes, and also I’d personally suggest a boost of the whole track across the top 3 octaves to add a little more life and clarity.
From a recording perspective I would suggest some close mics on the kick and snare. They both feel a little distant in the mix and I feel could use some more clarity and punch. There’s also a dominant frequency in the acoustic guitar track at 196Hz – perhaps just notch this out a touch in future.
Better Light is a positive track, with a message that absolutely needs to be heard. Kudos to Louis for speaking his mind.

We give this song 3 ears out of 5

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