Loulita Gill – Heaven Is Holding You

Loulita Gill has released a spectacular, heartfelt piano and strings driven song; Heaven Is Holding You.

Thankfully, this is the final song we’re reviewing today… and I say that in the most positive way. Loulita has absolutely floored us all here with this tear jerking, heart on her sleeve tour de force about a miscarriage at a crucial time in her life.

Heaven Is Holding You has an almost musical theatre feel to it – think CATS – Memory but with even more emotion.
The piano and strings are well played. The strings are suitably distant but coming in and out to add drama when needed to the song.
The use of reverb on Loulita’s voice is spot on, and I also like how the reverb changes to become more of a feature of the song later in the track.
The gentle cymbal leading into the middle eight and the additional power in this section all add to a sense of urgency and passion. Our bottom lips were well and truly quivering by this point and it was impossible not to be swept along by the emotions in the vocalist. This is serious goosebump-inducing stuff.

For me, the strength of this song is in the vocalist and the lyrics. Heartfelt lyrics delivered flawlessly carry this song. Loulita is highly skilled, and her head voice is one of the best I’ve heard in quite some time. The control in the high notes is highly accomplished.

As a producer and mentor, I’m always looking for ways to improve anything that comes across my desk. If I had to be picky there’s just a couple of things about the production I’d tweak, but this is personal choice;
During the middle 8 (around 3 minutes) there’s some dominating bass frequencies I’d just notch out and a slight boost in upper-high-mids will highlight the breathiness in vocals and perhaps make the vocalist even more relatable.

This is a wonderful, wonderful track. It’s rare to find something so heartfelt and so well written. Thank you so much, Loulita, for sharing this track, and your journey with your listeners. We hope you find your peace.

We give this song our highest accolade of five ears out of five