We must admit that when we first started reviewing new music, we weren’t expecting the level of diversity that we’ve been receiving. Today’s unexpected gem is an Industrial / Hard Rock anthem that’s sung partly in English and partly in Russian.
The new track from LOVE GHOST, Цепи, is an attitude laden anthem that hits you from the start.

This is captivating trap metal at it’s very best. There is plenty of rise and fall in the track to maintain interest throughout and moments where it isn’t all happening, just to give you a break from the relentless angst of Finnegan Bell, lead singer.

Superb, aggressive vocals from Finnegan. There’s a real skill to performing this style of vocal without doing damage to your vocal folds. It sounds to me like Finnegan has nailed it.

Whilst a great performance on vocals, I did feel like there were times when the guitars were fighting the vocals for the same space on the EQ spectrum. Perhaps just adding a little brightness would save them competing and bring out those crisp vocals a little more. I’d sort of like to feel the vocalist a little closer, like shouting in my ear feels like it would be suitable for the genre.

This has been well mastered, although a little too much unnecessary information in the sub frequencies and I’d like to hear them using a mic inside the kick to get a bit more of the click that kick drums tend to have in this style of music.

This track reminded me of Rage against the Machine, Linkin Park, with some aspects of Faith No More. It’s been a real pleasure to listen to. The band look to be performing well on social media and have an unsurprising buzz about them. I look forward to hearing much more.

We give this track four ears out of five