LA (US) based artists, Love Ghost, crept to the top of our reviews pile again today. Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio we’ve reviewed a couple of tracks from this promising young emo/skater rock artist. Today, they team up with Georgia based female rapper, Bali Baby with their latest single, Dirty Pixx.

Dirty Pixx is about that hope that you have when you see red flags in a relationship but you try to cast them aside and treat them as “pink flags”. In Bali Baby’s opinion, who wouldn’t ignore red flags if they’re being sent dirty pics!

Dirty Pixx is a great example of California/Skater/Emo rock. It’s short, punchy, to the point and over with in just over a couple of minutes. It says everything it needs to say in that time and has some really superb rise and fall.

The chorus is catchy, if a little risqué for commercial air play. You will most likely find yourself singing along, whether you want to or not! At the very least, you’ll be nodding along in time to the music.

It’s always nice to see artists collaborating together, especially when they seem to have such different backgrounds. Bali Baby’s rap section of Dirty Pixx reminded us in many ways of the great Gwen Stefani’s rap style. She’s to the point, enunciates well and although it’s a slightly unusual collaboration, it definitely works.

We like the panned guitars in the intro, and the single synth notes at the end of the track. Musically, as always, Love Ghost are tight and powerful and most definitely the kind of artist you want to see live while you can still afford a ticket to one of their shows. Make no mistake, Love Ghost give us the impression they’re looking for no less than world domination!

From a production perspective, we feel that a hi-pass filter at 35Hz would clean up the low end a little. Also, during the rapped section, the bass synth is a little dominant in the 35-40Hz range so an additional cut here would help. A boost around 125Hz for extra warmth and fullness and a cut around 900-1000Hz to counter some of the honky / nasal tones, particularly those created by the tuned vocals. Finally a high shelf boost in the top octave would add to the clarity and brightness.

It’s always so inspiring to see an artist pursuing their own original path and in the three tracks we’ve heard from Love Ghost we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the diversity and versatility and truly fine musicianship.