Los Angeles band, Love Ghost are back with a new single, Pulp. Released today (22 July 2022), Pulp is a punishing 4 minutes of emo rock power. We’ve been taking a listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Starting on just fuzz bass and toms, Pulp eases you in gently, whilst still making it very clear that you’re in for a heavy ride. At the start, the track has an almost Muse like feel to it.

Vocally suitable for the genre, with a kind of thin and reedy quality, lead vocalist, Finnegan Bell’s voice cuts through, for the most part, and with some good use of layered and octave vocals. There’s a couple of spots in the busier sections where we felt that the vocals were a touch lost.

We liked the interesting drums patterns in Pulp. A great deal of creative toms work helped carry the song. The keys swell in the background as the song starts to develop was a nice touch too.

At about 1 minute in, the first chorus comes in and the song starts to gain a little more energy. By this point, you’re listening to a pretty powerful song that has touches of Linkin Park with many nods to skater/stoner/college and emo rock stylings.

Pulp, lyrically, is about an addicts relationship with God. Inspired by the book of the same name by Charles Bukowski, Pulp also speaks of the band’s own struggles with loneliness and addiction. The theme of the song is that we all struggle to find peace within ourselves.

From a production perspective, we’d make the same notes as we did on the previous track of Love Ghost. A well mastered track but a little more compression on the kick and snare would give the track more punch and presence. We found it a little hard to hear the kick drum which we feel would have given the track a great deal more power.

Love Ghost are creating quite the buzz on social media and are clearly a group of extremely ambitious guys who are starting to get pretty busy on the scene across Europe. Their perseverance is paying off!