We’ve been listening to the latest single from North Carolina duo, Lowcats, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today. Their latest single, Want, is one of the singles released from their debut EP.

The ethos of the EP stems from finding your place – be it as an artist or a young adult navigating life’s trying times. It’s a reflection on life and love, and a celebration of all things smooth and experimental.

Want is a bedroom pop/ trip-hop track that was a delight to listen to. This is a definite chillout track and one which could possibly be labelled as “study vibes”. We love the slightly driven, filtered vocals that sit comfortably over some front-and-centre electronic drums. The repeated guitar riff relaxes the listener and makes you feel comfortable. The riff had just a hint of Texas (Say What You Want) about it.

We love the extra instrumentation – keys and piano that comes in and out and the harmonies in this track are a real joy to listen to and add so much to the overall sound.

Want has a gorgeously simple guitar solo in it which repeats itself in an almost trance-like state before the vocals come in a scat a little to join the guitar and weave their way in and out of the solo.

There is a great section where the drums drop out and the top end of the track is completely filtered out. The filter moves across and slowly brings the full EQ back into the sound, giving extra clout to the drums when they fully return.

With a stinger ending and a good radio-friendly length, this is a promising track from Lowcats. Slightly reminiscent of Portishead, this could be a track to give thought to sending to music supervisors for consideration. It feels like a track that would work well in an advert or a TV montage.

From a production perspective to our ears, a cut around 50Hz would balance out the kick drum making it a little less boomy. A cut around 500Hz would reduce some occasional ‘honky’ tones in the vocal track too.

Fans of Portishead, triphop and lo-fi bedroom pop, Lowcats, Want, is a remarkably appealing listen that will put you in a mellow frame of mind in no time.