Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Luna Keller. We’ve always been impressed with this gentle German singer-songwriter, so we were excited to see her name reach the top of our reviews pile this morning. Home In My Heart was released on June 28th and is an ode to the friendships and connections Keller has made as a travelling musician. It is a song that truly celebrates long-distance friendships.

We’re always impressed with Luna’s harmonies and fragile and intimate folky vocals. With leanings towards comparisons to Lene Marlin, Luna’s voice is a real joy to listen to, and her songwriting abilities are skilful and well-considered.

Lyrically, this is so endearing. Many travelling musicians write sad songs about loneliness and being away from home. Luna has turned this stereotype on its head and sings with passion and conviction about the joys of being a travelling musician and all of the friendships that one can make on the road.

“We don’t need to say the words, no need to confirm, we
could live in different worlds, there’d still be no terms. I want
you to know, you’ll always have a home in my heart”

The song starts with single strums on guitar, together with Luna’s intimate and charming vocals. There is a change of pace with some gentle percussion additions and some lovely muted 16-beat percussive sounds from a guitar (or uke?)

Home In My Heart has some great sections that break up the track perfectly and keep the listener engaged fully, whilst often returning to a supremely catchy chorus that any listener will find themselves humming for the rest of the day.

This is a positive, upbeat and cheerful singer-songwriter track. We love the harmonies in the chorus and the middle 8 that builds with the repeated line, “You will always have a home in my heart.” Leading back into the chorus and a stinger ending, Home In My Heart is a perfect, radio-friendly 3-minute track that we’d urge Luna to pitch to folk radio stations across Europe. Like many of Keller’s songs, this track has huge potential for music licensing, and we’d urge her to seek out opportunities.

Ideas from our ears

Some simple mastering could really bring this track to life. A small boost around 60-65Hz would enhance the ‘thump’ of the kick drum. Another cut around 250Hz would reduce some occasional ‘muddy’ tones in the vocal track. The biggest difference could be achieved with a large (7-8dB) and wide boost centred around 8kHz. This would give the whole track some brightness and presence. Also, the track is quiet compared to similar releases. A light compressor/limiter with maybe 5dB of make-up gain would add volume as well as extra warmth and thickness overall. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

We love Luna Keller’s honest, raw, passionate and intimate singer-songwriter performances. Her songs are deeply personal and moving, catchy and memorable.

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