Luna Keller – No Man’s Land

It’s not often that I listen all the way through to a song that I’m reviewing without making any notes whatsoever. That’s a good thing in the case of Luna Kellers, “No Mans Land”. What a track!! I absolutely love it. This is a song we all need to hear right now. It’s self reflective, it’s self aware and it has a beautiful positive message.

There is just brilliant development throughout this song. It maintains interest right to the very last note of this extremely radio friendly singer-songwriter gem.
The vocals are smooth, classy and very current sounding without any need for unnecessary tuning. World class harmonies drop in and out as needed. They’re subtle, they don’t dominate and they make Luna’s voice even more endearing.

I just love when the cello and drums come in to make you aware that something exciting and uplifting is about to happen. This is a superb quality mixed and mastered track that I simply, after many listens, cannot fault.

This is top notch stuff from a performer who deserves a much much bigger stage. Most definitely one to watch. This artist is headed, most determined, in the right direction.

We gave this song our ultimate accolade of 5 ears out of 5.