Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to Mad Painter’s latest single, Rock And Roll Samurai, from their forthcoming album, Splashed.

We previously reviewed Mad Painter and simply fell in love with the musicianship of this band. Fans of Deep Purple (for example) are going to want to get in on this stunning, 70s-inspired Classic Rock band.

Rock And Roll Samurai starts with some gorgeous Deep Purple style driven Hammond before a kick drum joins the mix and the song starts to develop some exciting energy. The full kit and bass drum join the mix quickly and you know you’re in for a great ride.

As with the previous song, the vocals reminded us very much of Ronnie James Dio: passionate and explosive, with hints of musical theatre (again, Jesus Christ Superstar). There are touches of venom and a slight snarl in the occasional vocal moment, which adds some real depth to the character of the song.

The nostalgic feel of this song harks back to times when UFO, Uriah Heep, Nazareth and similar bands were filling the charts. Just our kind of music!

We love how Mad Painter ensures that every member of the band is given plenty of time to shine. Whilst the vocals are superb and exciting, it pleased us to hear each band member excelling at their craft. The drum solo in Rock And Roll Samurai is exciting and classy with some exceptional cowbell work – the rhythm is truly inspired here.

Speaking of the rhythm, the song reminded us in places of Iron Maiden’s, Phantom Of The Opera. After the drum solo, we’re led back into another rousing chorus and then a superbly authentic Classic rock Hammond solo with some lovely triplet fills.

Ideas from our ears

A boost around 125Hz and a cut around 250Hz would balance out the low end a little. There are a few peaking frequencies in the mids in the vocal track too. A fairly large and wide boost in the top end centred around 10kHz would increase the brightness and presence in the track. Finally, a light compressor/limiter with around 5dB of make-up gain would raise the volume to match similar releases. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

If you’re seeking out some authentic Classic Rock, you simply have to dip into Mad Painters’ back catalogue. Sublime musicianship and wonderful writing. More, please!