Swedish artist, Maja Kristina has just released her latest single, Neighborhood, and we’ve been taking a few listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Neighborhood is a sweet and simple pop song with modern instrumentation that tells the story of a sad break up between two people, perhaps a first love, and the ensuing divvying up of the neighborhood and friends that comes from a tough break up.

Speaking of her current situation and career progression, Maja says “I think everyone was in the same boat during the pandemic. Plans went to shit, everyone had to pivot and find new ways to move forward. And as a result I think a lot of us have come out the other side stronger and more sure of what we want than before. I am really happy to be back in LA writing again and having some human interaction in the songwriting process. The goal has always been to get my debut album locked and I feel like this is the momentum that will help me ride into that for next year.” If this track is anything to go by, then Maja has a great career ahead of her.

The line; “I might be childish but you ruined the whole neighbourhood for me” kind of says it all really. A very brief line, but more than enough to let you know exactly how the singer is feeling.

A great filtered EQ start builds the anticipation into the main song which comes in with some lovely synths and pads, and after a while, electronic drums as well.

The long reverbs on the vocals set us in mind of the great Silje Nergaard, and the breathiness and vulnerability in her vocals are positively charming.

From a production perspective, a small cut in the 700 – 800 Hz range will remove some of the ‘honky’ frequencies in the track, particularly in the way the vocals have been processed. Also a shelf boost across the top two octaves would give the whole track a little more presence and brightness. It would also be a good idea to include a slight dip around 8kHz to avoid boosting the sibilance in the vocals too much.

Neighborhood is a heart wrenching tale of lost love with some soaring vocals and modern production. Maja Kristina’s latest song with strongly appeal to lovers of modern pop music and the message behind it definitely has universal appeal. Great stuff!