Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from US band, MAL. MAL is Peter Hollywood, Bass, Kris Jung, Vocals/ Guitar, and Brendan Reynolds, Drums.

We previously reviewed MAL’s single, Ritual – a 14 minute epic psychedelic prog-rock soundscape, so we were excited to hear what would happen in our ears today when their new single, Come To Light, reached the top of our reviews pile. Come To Light is released today, 23rd March 2023.

Come To Light, in the words of the band, is “a middle finger to judgement, dehumanization, and intolerance. It’s an uplifting soundtrack for those who need faith in themselves and their own beautiful nature. It’s an anti-gaslighting anthem and a prayer to trust one’s self no matter how far against the grain.”

Come To Light starts with a clear and perfectly timed drum pattern before bass and vocals join the mix, with some delicate incidental guitar riffs.

The lead vocals are powerful and sit perfectly with this style of rock music. They have a slight nasal twang to them and reminded us a little of Lyne Staley (Alice in Chains). The track has a definite Faith No More 90s grunge rock feel, but with many elements of progressive rock thrown in to keep their listeners on their toes. The changes in time signatures are performed effortlessly and keep this track firmly in the prog-rock genre, whilst the repeated electric guitar patterns will appeal to fans of grunge and hard rock.

The verses drop nicely to include vocals, drums, bass and just a touch of guitar, while the choruses build back up nicely with a repeated guitar riff that competes with the vocal line and makes for an exciting listen.

The guitar solo gives Jung the chance to shine and display his effortless ability to create an exhilarating ride with a truly fascinating solo. With moments of repetition and changes of rhythms, this is a true prog rock solo that we’d dearly love to see live! It feels improvised and free, and you simply never know where it’s going! Superb stuff!

This track has excellent production and very creative writing, as well as some stellar musicianship. We’re thrilled to be given the opportunity to review this fresh and exciting prog-heavy rock band and would strongly urge our readers to add their music to your playlist.