Marigold Ingot – “Dialtone”

Marigold Ingot’s new release, “Dialtone” is a heartbreaking and gut wrenching song about the end of a relationship. Despite the anger and sentiment behind the song, it somehow manages to make the listener soar with emotions as it rises and falls throughout this intimate radio friendly 3 minute song. It starts gently with strings and piano and maintained my interest throughout for several listens.

There were moments here that the vocalist reminded me of Evanescence, but with more diversity in the voice. I was also very much reminded of an Australian band, George, whose song Special Ones would, I believe, suit this artist very well.

Dialtone maintains interest throughout with beautiful touches on the piano, gentle strings and a really interesting drum pattern that comes and goes only when needed for the dynamics of the song.

If I were to find something to improve on here, it would be that for me, the vocals are a little too dominant and dry. Perhaps a little compression to make them sit more comfortably in the mix. I’d also look at adding more instruments/volume when the vocals begin to gain strength. I believe that would help with building the track and making the dynamics of it really pop. 

I really really like this song from about 2:20 where the vocals are just all out and the instrumentation has built enough to carry the emotion and anger that’s clearly in the vocalist. 

All in all a gripping song that is both gentle and disturbing. Marigold makes you uncomfortable in her pain from the break up; bringing you in to her world and riding the wave with her whilst also sweeping you along with a soaring string section that somehow keeps the song feeling positive.

Send me your ears gives Dialtone a solid 3/5. Great job Marigold and thanks for sending us your music. We wish you continued success.