Markus Murphy – Already Blue

Markus Murphy, of Montreal, Canada, has just released his latest single, Already Blue. We’ve been taking a good long listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Recorded “live off the floor”, Already Blue is a funky R&B feeling summer anthem with lots of great horn section sounds and 70s feeling guitar riffs. Already Blue has a real vintage feel to both the songwriting and the production style.

Already Blue has a light and breezy feel to it. A definite Summer anthem. It had all of us in the studio nodding and swaying pretty soon into the song!

The track has an unmistakably authentic Motown feel to it with lots of instrumentation; piano, strings, horn section, alto sax solo, bass, drums, background vocals and funky guitar riffs and stabs. The bass has a real acid jazz feel to it.

We love how the instrumentation changes throughout the song with various instruments being added or taken away to let the listener know where they are in the song and to maintain interest. The guitar stabs that coincide with the snare in places have a great distant feel to them with a perfect use of reverb.

Already Blue makes great use of space in the track. It calmly gets you in the right mood and just lets you chill. At 4 minutes 20 long, this isn’t a track likely to please commercial radio music directors but if you’re looking for intelligent, soulful music with just as much instrumentation as vocals then you’re going to like this track.

For most of the second half of Already Blue, you’re treated to an instrumental section with just loads of different instruments all playing their part, but interestingly, with none of them really taking the lead until the alto sax solo to fade. Each instrument is given plenty of its own space in the EQ spectrum and nothing is dominating. You can hear everything perfectly clearly.

The alto sax solo to fade, which has minimal vocals returning to the scene underneath it, makes good use of some jazzy riffs and the occasional altissimo note. It fits well with the style of music and is a good choice for a solo at this point.

Well mixed and well produced, we’d suggest a couple of tiny EQ adjustments in the master to try. A dip around 500Hz to alleviate just a touch of boxy/honky frequencies, possibly caused by the “live off the floor” method of recording. A top octave boost might perhaps add some extra zing to the cymbals and overall brightness of the track.

Markus Murphy has collaborated with some great musicians on this track, Already Blue, to produce a smooth, authentic, slightly nostalgic soul track that will leave its listener feeling happy to have joined in for the ride.