We’re so happy to have Marta Per’s latest single, Hostage (out today 29 October 2022) in our ears today. We’ve previously reviewed Marta twice with her songs Nobody’s Friend and Take A Deep Breath – both astounding displays of work from a true artist so we are very excited to bring you our thoughts on her new track, Hostage, today, from the Send Me Your Ears studio.

In the words of Marta Per, ‘Hostage’ bounces between lethargic and energizing, desperate and hopeful – a conflicting journey that takes you through the motions of feeling ‘fervently frozen’ as your goals and plans overwhelm you to the point of paralysis.

Once again, Marta Per has hit it out of the park with a spectacularly creative track that is simply like no other artist we’ve heard. This is intelligent, progressive music without being inaccessible.
For fans of Pink Floyd, Queen, Kate Bush, or honestly – insert any other huge name that forged their own path. We cannot praise this artist enough.

The song begins on some beautifully played classical feeling piano. As Marta’s sumptuous vocals join the mix, she starts on a totally unexpected note and it wins us immediately. By the time the rest of the instrumentation comes in, the song takes on a lovely 6/8 folky feel, but knowing Marta, it won’t stay this simple!

At about 1 minute in, you’re treated to some gorgeous Pink Floyd-like dreaminess with a heavily delayed guitar solo. At around 1 minute 30, it’s as if the entire band are counting down with her – 54321. A beautiful tight section that simply serves to emphasise Marta’s creativity.

There are some spectacular ‘head voice’ moments in this track that Kate Bush would be proud of, and we can’t help but liken Marta Per to Hayley Williams from Paramore.

The track has some wonderful stereo and panning with guitars taking your ears on a journey of bliss. The rocky instrumental outro with the repeated “it’s a beautiful day outside” over the top is a heavier style than the start and if you were to hit ‘repeat’ at the end of the track (which of course, we did) you will sneak a glimpse at the creative genius of Per. From a song that starts on a classical piano intro to one which ends on a heavy 70s rock-feeling instrumental, all in the space of 3 minutes and 40 seconds is simply astounding.

The production on this track is amazing as always. A boost at 60Hz would add thump to the kick drum and a wide boost across the high mids and highs would add to the brightness. It is not clear whether this artist is self-produced or if she has a team behind her but either way, not much else can be said except keep making this music, please!!!

Easily one of our favourites here at the Send Me Your Ears studio and definitely one of the most creative artists we’ve heard this year, Marta Per is a creative goddess!