Marta Per – Nobody’s Friend

It’s only been about a month since we last reviewed Marta Per, and she’s back now with her latest single, Nobody’s Friend, out today, May 5 2022 in all the usual places.

When we reviewed Marta’s previous single, we were absolutely blown away by her effortless genre crossing abilities, together with a wonderful and very unique and instantly recognisable sound all of her own. So when her latest single, Nobody’s friend, came to the top of our reviews pile today we were so excited to hear it. We knew we were in for a treat.

We were not wrong! Nobody’s friend is just as genre-bending as the previous track we reviewed.
There is a flawless ability in Marta to produce music that is simply like no other. A true artist, following her own path.

From the time signature, we wondered for a moment whether Marta Per has been listening to Dave Brubeck’s music. Starting in 11/8 and with moments of 6/8 and 4/4, Nobody’s Friend seriously keeps you on your toes.

This piano led slightly poppy, slightly prog rock track enthrals the listener from start to finish.
Some very clever use of mono sections make the stereo sections all the more exciting when they come in, and the telephone effect used in places helps the build to the super-catchy chorus.

The vocals, and indeed layered backing vocals are warm and inviting. It sounds as though there are some octave vocals in places as well.

The instrumental sections combine classical piano stylings together with some modern pop electronic instrumentation. At times there’s even a heavily distorted electric guitar.

The build to the end is particularly exciting and leaves you with a positively euphoric feeling. More and more instrumentation is added, building and building until you’re left with a brief electric guitar section and a stinger ending. This is just wonderful music for the more intelligent listener.

Another well mixed track from Marta Per. We might suggest a tiny boost around 150-200Hz for some more punch in that area. A little dip around 500Hz will take out just a slight boxiness in the overall track. We’d suggest a large (maybe as much as 5-6dB) wide boost across the top 3 octaves, centred around 7kHz but going as low as 2kHz. An additional shelf boost in the top octave will add some more clarity and air. We feel that the EQ suggestions will give more presence and definition to the track, but of course, this is just to our taste.

Marta Per is fast becoming a Send Me Your Ears favourite. Classy, timeless and unique songwriting and superb musicianship from a true artist.