Marta Per – Take A Deep Breath

We are just loving the new single from UK artist, Marta Per. Take a Deep Breath was released on March 24 2022 and we’ve been taking a listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Take a Deep Breath is a quality, original genre-crossing work of art. We’ve honestly never heard anything like it. The lyrical content of Take a Deep Breath refers to becoming more in touch with your own intuition and learning to let go of toxic situations. Its a subject matter that needs to be shouted from the rooftops and one which we have been seeing consistently more of during the pandemic. It almost feels as though the whole world has been having a collective think and we’ve all decided that life is too short to tolerate toxic people and toxic relationships. Marta Per puts all of our feelings into a beautifully crafted song, and one that we’ve listened to over and over today.

Whilst this is highly original, we did wonder if there was a slight Queen influence in the middle of the choruses (“I’m never letting go” ). There was just a section that felt decidedly Queen influenced in a harmony vocal section. We were also reminded stylistically in places of Steve Miller Band’s Abracadabra. Both artists we hugely admire so no problem with any influence here. Marta Per’s style is, however, completely individual. Its almost as if someone handed her the playbook on how to write a song and she used it to make sure that she did the opposite. There’s some wonderful development throughout this song and a key change to die for. We were constantly left thinking… “where is this going next?”. And we LOVE that in a song.

Marta’s voice has supreme control in the low end. This can be pretty rare in female vocals. There’s some double vocals at times which adds even more warmth and depth. Marta Per cites Paramore as an influence on her and we’d love to her her let rip on some high notes to show off the range that the control in her low notes certainly suggests she has.
The chorus is super catchy – we found ourselves nodding appreciatively and some awesome funky guitar comes in at around 2 and a half minutes. There’s just so much happening in this song, but its well produced and allows each instrument plenty of its own space on the spectrum.
Even a handful of lone vibraphone notes to end the song let you know that Marta Per is in a class all of her own when it comes to originality.

Well mixed and well produced, there’s just a few tiny adjustments that we’d suggest for our own personal preferences; a small cut around 700Hz for balance, a dip around 100Hz in the bass guitar as it has just a little dominance in that area, a tiny boost around 50Hz for some extra punch and an small wide boost in the top 3 octaves will give just a little more brightness and life to the track.

Marta Per’s, Take a Deep Breath, is an astounding, classy, well crafted genre crossing song that challenges you with its thought provoking lyrics and gives you plenty to think about while you consider the toxic relationships in your own life and whether they’re worth the effort. (Clue; they’re not!). We genuinely can’t wait to hear more from this extremely talented London (UK) artist.

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