Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from we’ve been listening to Rotherham (UK) artist, Martyn Scott. His latest single, Lazy Days And Lullabies, was released on January 13, 2023.

Originally and primarily a guitarist, Martyn is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist who writes, sings and performs everything on his recordings. Lazy Days And Lullabies is a gloriously retro-feeling track which we warmed to immediately.

The song starts with bright and crystal clear acoustic guitar, reminiscent of Britpop stylings which then builds into a full song with bright and jaunty drum patterns. A slide guitar enters the mix and gives the song a more 60s-leaning feel. There are clearly some Beatles influences in Martyn’s writing and we love how, like the Beatles, you can clearly hear his regional accent in places, although in Martyn’s case, it is, of course, Yorkshire, rather than Liverpool.

Lazy Days And Lullabies manages to maintain the listeners’ interest easily throughout this track. It is a catchy song with a wonderful singalong feel to it and we challenge anyone not to sing along to the repeated line towards the end which builds into the guitar solo.

We love the different sections within this track. Scott makes superb use of harmony vocals. Using them unpredictably and occasionally, rather than the more expected ‘just for the chorus’ approach. The harmonies are subtle and come in when you simply don’t expect them, leading to a joyous and anthemic feel to the song. The positivity this song exudes is absolutely euphoric.

There are moments we were reminded of Cast and other times, particularly during the end guitar solo, that we caught hints of Jeff Lynne.

Ideas from our ears

A boost centred around 100-150Hz would increase the warmth and punch in the low end and a cut centred around 600-700Hz would reduce some slightly ‘honky’ and ‘nasal’ tones. Another cut around 2.5kHz would bring down an occasional ‘harshness’ too. Finally, a boost centred around 8kHz would increase the presence and clarity overall. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Martyn Scott’s, Lazy Days And Lullabies, is an anthemic, positive and exhilarating burst of Britpop merged with retro 60s influence. A truly expertly crafted and nostalgic hit. Highly recommended.