Mats Dernánd – We’ll be together

Swedish artist Mats Dernánd has just released a positive sounding folk/rock song; We’ll be together. We’ve been taking a listen here in the studio at Send Me Your Ears.

The song starts promisingly and is instantly attention grabbing. Great use of stereo guitar.
We’ll Be Together develops quickly into a full blown Mumford and Sons style folk rock song with a lovely punchy kick drum and strumming pattern on the guitar being the driving force of the song.

We like the subtle instrumentation – with piano panned to the left and some gorgeous harmonica riffs later in the song.

For us, its the harmonies that really make this song. Some great unison vocals at the start develop later on into some sumptuous harmonies and the addition of Spanish/German vocalist Luna Keller is a great choice. We’ve reviewed Luna’s solo work a couple of times before already (go check her out too!) and we’re always impressed by her folky/positive/smiling vocals. We’ve compared Luna’s vocals to Lene Marlin before but here she’s got that captivating smile-in-her-voice vocals that Karen Carpenter absolutely mastered.

We’re particularly impressed with the effortless switch between male and female lead vocals on this song. Not easy to do at the best of times, and often leaves the listener a little jarred. Mats and Luna however, gel extremely well here.
There’s some superb use of rise and fall in this song which really helps maintain interest for the listener and a positively euphoric build towards the end is a great touch.

Lyrically this is a song about two friends who are now finally able to see each other as pandemic borders open. It’s a cutesy little song with an important message. We were utterly charmed by Luna’s giggle at the end of the song!

From our perspective on production, we’d suggest just a slight dip in the master around 1kHz to 2kHz to counteract a few dominating honky frequencies, and a boost in the 3-4kHz range will help to balance out the overall frequencies a little.

We’ll Be Together is a superbly positive and exciting folk/rock/pop song that will engage even the grumpiest of listeners and put a smile on everyone’s face. We look forward to hearing more from Mats and Luna.