Haverhill (US) artist, Maximilian Wentz, has just released his latest single, Your Silhouette, and we’ve had our breath taken away here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today whilst taking several very enjoyable listens.

Your Silhouette is part of a series of songs inspired by the video game “Little Nightmares”. In Wentz’s words; “The song is about wanting to save someone from their own darkness despite knowing you could get hurt doing so. You feel the urgency and desperation to escape terrors grip, and not let the shadows win the encounters.”

A quick drum fill signifies the start of the track before we’re led into a brief instrumental section with a full band sound. As the instrumental becomes more sparse, the lead vocals come in to the picture. They’re clear and present in the track. We were instantly reminded of The Vandenplas and The Scorpions – even before we read the biography to let us know that Wentz has German roots.

Your Silhouette is an absolute masterclass in how to maintain interest in a long song by breaking it up into exciting little sections. There’s some truly “urgent” feeling moments where the drums just take off – with a fantastic and very present kick drum sound. The rise and fall throughout the track is simply stunning. We loved the head-noddingly-good half time moment and the dramatic change of pace throughout the entire track. At almost 6 minutes long, there wasn’t a second where we weren’t utterly enthralled.

Vocally, Wentz shows a remarkable diversity. From gentle and warm beginnings we were treated to some gorgeous falsetto moments as well as some very well executed guttural, almost death metal, style vocals.

This is a very progressive sounding track that we would recommend Maximilian pitches to Classic Rock Prog magazine and also to specialist internet radio stations and playlisters. Wentz has thrown everything he has at this track and is vocalist, instrumentalist and producer of what has turned out to be a simply stunning prog rock track.

We try to give constructive criticism in our reviews, but the only thing we could find, after much searching, was that perhaps, just perhaps there is a slightly dominant resonance in the acoustic guitar on the G. A notch out at 196Hz would help, but this is only noticeable in the more exposed parts of the song, and is barely worth mention. This track is superb.

Your Silhouette is a track from a forthcoming 10 track album, due for release later in the Fall. We strongly urge lovers of prog rock and intelligent rock and metal to add this exhilarating artist to their playlist.