Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Brooklyn-based Meghan Pulles. Father, Oh Father, is released today, 14th April 2023.

We previously reviewed Meghan’s evocative and folky single, Rabbit Hole, about following someone else’s path, so we were interested to hear what Father, Oh Father would take her in a different direction. Father, Oh Father, is the first single from Pulles upcoming album, Ear Baby.

Father, Oh Father does indeed take a very different direction. The song is a commentary on religious trauma, and having issues with religion based on past experiences of feeling unwelcome. Father, Oh Father is about being in your weakest moments and feeling helpless, wondering if anyone is even listening.

The song starts with some very dramatic-sounding synth bends and choir vocals in the background. A simple, almost trip-hop, rhythm pattern joins the mix, and Pulles vocals take centre stage. Her voice could be compared in this song to the likes of Kate Bush, Julianne Regan (All About Eve), and the whole song has moments that reminded us of Clannad’s style.

There are some huge-sounding choirs of background vocals that hold long notes in the background, while an incidental electric guitar fills the gaps between vocals. The song is heavily compressed and limited, giving it a slightly distorted feel, which we found to sit well with the subject matter and make the listener just slightly off guard.

Father, Oh Father is a very avant-garde and experimental track that is huge-sounding and anthemic. We feel this track would be well used in a movie montage or soundtrack. At over 5 minutes long, it may not be picked up for commercial airplay (music directors are fussy!), but a sync deal would definitely garner Meghan more fans.

Ideas from our ears

A cut around 60Hz and another around 150Hz will reduce some ‘boomy’ and ‘muddy’ tones, helping to make the overall track sound a little clearer. A wider boost around 5kHz and a high shelf boost in the top 2 octaves would bring out the brighter parts of the track, giving it a little more presence. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears

Final thoughts

Father, Oh Father is a dramatic and experimental track which shows Meghan Pulles diversity in songwriting and performance. We’re very much looking forward to hearing what she creates next.