Meghan Pulles – Rabbit Hole

Brooklyn based, Meghan Pulles has released a great new folky singer-songwriter track called Rabbit Hole. We’ve been having a listen here in the studio at Send Me Your Ears today.

Rabbit Hole is a cute ukulele based song about following someone else’s negative path to your own detriment. This is a great theme and one which many of us struggle with. It feels as though Meghan is working through the subject matter in the lyrics and has come to the resolution “don’t go down the rabbit hole”. We loved these lyrics.
The song starts super-gently on just strummed ukulele chords until Meghan’s beautiful soulful voice comes in. The vocals are clear and very present in the mix. When the harmonies come in, we smiled. Really well performed and well chosen notes that made us think of acts like The Pierces or possibly First Aid Kit.
There’s some great development throughout this track. A lovely sustained bass comes in with some interesting synth sounds that all help maintain interest for the listener.
Some electric drums come in at around 1m45s and from there on its all rise! The song just keeps on building and building to an almost euphoric feel with some heavy Bonnie Tyler-esque drumming and some well placed synth horns added in for good measure.
We really liked the snare heavy section which helped to draw us in even more to the track and kept our interest firmly in the song.
Meghan’s vocals are strong and confident but also a little vulnerable in places. There’s a beautiful folky feel the the timbre of them.

From a production perspective, this is a well mixed song. We suggest considering increasing the pre-delay on the reverb on the vocal track. The reverb seems to be creating a slight boxiness in the track and to our mind, means that the vocals aren’t sitting as comfortably in the mix as they could be. A small wide cut in the 800-900Hz range will help with this too. Perhaps a narrow cut in the 300-400Hz area will help balance the ukulele a little more in the mix too.
Rabbit Hole is a beautiful and evocative song from an artist that was new to us today. We’re excited to hear more from Meghan Pulles as she progresses on her cathartic journey and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next. Rabbit Hole comes out on March 18 2022 and we urge you to go take a listen.