Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’re listening to MEHTA’s single, We Cannot Fail (A Song For Ukraine). and we urge you to drop whatever you’re doing and grab your copy of this single right now!

We Cannot Fail isn’t just a fantastic rock song, it is a charity song for Ukraine. Speaking of this single, Ireland-based, MEHTA says “With millions of Ukrainians without water, electricity or heating and facing a harsh, cruel Christmas, I believe we should all have it in our hearts to help the Red Cross provide them with as much assistance as possible. Through supporting the single people are giving back as all proceeds are going to the people on the ground in the war-torn country. I do hope people will download this single, and that they “get up, lend a hand to ease the pain”.

We Cannot Fail has a very rock-influenced strong start. A funky rhythm on the drums, with some classy little fills, sets the mood. We love how, as the song progresses, the same drum pattern fills the gaps between the vocals and later on, there are some nifty little bass licks that fill the gaps.

This is a huge production, huge sounding track. There are some very subtle layered vocals and the lead vocals are clear and present without dominating. MEHTA makes fantastic use of delays and reverbs to make the voice sound huge and fit perfectly within the song.

A breakdown section in the track gives MEHTA a chance to really highlight his quality vocals: his vibrato and control in this section is outstanding.

This is a truly triumphant-sounding song. With vocals in the style of the Scorpions in places and an overall feel that reminded us of Marillion, this is a track which demands the listener’s undivided attention.

Ideas from our ears

This is an excellent track made by a clearly talented and skilled musician and producer. To our ears, a boost centred around 1.5kHz would add some extra fullness to the track overall. A small shelf boost in the top octave for some extra ‘zing’ too. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

The fact that this is a highly enjoyable and well-crafted song makes this charity single even more pleasing. We positively insist that our readers take the time to listen and purchase this single, with all proceeds donated to the Red Cross.