Metrophobia – Crazy heart

Swiss duo, Metrophobia, are back with a new single, Crazy Heart, following their debut album, Silent Treatment, which came out in 2021. We’ve been taking a listen here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

We’ve reviewed Metrophobia before with their previous single, Kryptonite for the Superman – a catchy 90s rock style track.

Crazy Heart has a punchy and exciting start with a reverse cymbal, straight into a full band sound. Like the previous track, Crazy Heart has a definite OMD feel to it, especially in the vocals.

The simple but effective guitar riffs are again a feature in Crazy Heart, which is a song about times in your life when you end up in situations you wouldn’t expect. It’s a song about destiny and going with the flow. So many artists seem to be focussing on this kind of theme at the moment and it’s good to see that the creativity is still flowing during such difficult times for musicians.

Double vocals in places bolster the lead vocals and once again, the programmed drums are extremely convincing and have a definite live kit feel.

At 5 minutes long, Crazy Heart is probably a little too long for commercial radio, but may garner interest from European and internet stations. It feels to us to be a track that would work well in the background of a TV show or movie. Perhaps the artist could search out opportunities in this area.

From a production perspective, we’d dearly love to have the opportunity to remaster this track. It feels to us to be rather heavy in the low end, lacking a little “meat” in the middle and is a little muted in the top end frequencies. A high pass at 35Hz and below will remove some rumble in the track together with several specific frequency deep cuts in the lows, boosts in the mids and shelf boosts, particularly in the top octave.

Metrophobia are releasing a single per month at the moment and we are excited to hear how things progress for this duo. Clearly both very talented musicians who we’d love to work with more.

Crazy Heart is an indie/alt rock song which oozes late 80s/ early 90s influences. Like all good shoegaze style music, this is one that really grows on its audience.