Metrophobia – Kryptonite For The Superman

Switzerland based duo, Metrophobia, have just released their latest single; Kryptonite For The Superman, and if you’re a fan of 80s or 90s rock, then this could well be the track for you!
Kryptonite For The Superman is punch and rocky straight away. With double vocals, occasionally in unison, but mostly harmonising, this is a song which will seriously grab your attention right from the get go.
The vocals feel to us, just a little Bowie-like. There’s some elements of OMD in here too – strangely the second song we’ve reviewed today with these traits! Bring back the 80s and 90s we say!

The guitar riffs throughout the song really help to push it forward and give it a great deal of character and attitude. The guitar solo is simple but effective. It didn’t need to be anything complicated and fills the space nicely.

There’s some really interesting synth type sounds going on in the background that we can’t quite put our finger on, but they help to give the track a kind of 80s/ European feel. There’s a lot happening in this song and the multiple layered instruments all serve to create a very full sounding track.

It feels to us that Metrophobia are what would happen if David Bowie and OMD got together in a room and decided to write a rock song.
Overall, Kryptonite For The Superman is well mixed. We’d have liked to see a little more development in that all important second verse, but aside from this, the instrumentation works extremely well.

From our perspective as producers, the programmed drums are very convincing, although a little sparse in variation. We’d also suggest a low end shelf at around 250 or 300Hz and below to deal with a little boominess and a top end shelf in the 10kHz and above area to add some brightness into the overall track. Not forgetting, of course, the make up gain.

This is a song that really grows on the listener, and we thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. Metrophobia are new to us, but we don’t doubt that there’ll be much more to hear from them as they develop their sound. We’re not overly familiar with radio in Switzerland, but would expect this song to do well on 90s rock style stations and possibly some more commercial stations within Europe with the right marketing campaign. We look forward to hearing what they produce next.