LA (US) based artist, Mia Mormino, has just released her latest single, Joan of Arc, and honestly, the goosebumps here at the Send Me Your Ears studio are visible on every single arm. Joan of Arc is an astounding work of art.

Joan of Arc is an intoxicating and empowering song, encouraging listeners to transform their pain into power. It is a song of rebellion and transformation. It is the embodiment of what an artist can achieve when they truly believe in both themselves and the message within their song.

Starting gently on piano chords, Mia’s glorious voice comes in quickly and it is a strong and emotive performance that gets stronger and more passionate as the song progresses.

When the toms come in, they are just thunderous. Joan of Arc becomes a cinematic film score style track, reminiscent of a Bond movie theme song or similar.

We love how the song just keeps developing all the way through. The rise and fall in this track is superb. From heavy electric guitar, dropping back to almost nothing for the second verse with vocals, those glorious low toms and a single note low keys/bass line.

The addition of strings to this track is about the point at which our goosebumps started to become even more visible. They add a dramatic touch to a song that is already huge sounding.

To the end, the song drops right back to almost nothing with piano notes and some beautiful high wailed head voice notes. For a three minute song to achieve this level of drama is one hell of an achievement. This is a truly remarkable track.

From a production perspective, a cut around 800Hz could reduce some honky frequencies (probably picked up during the recording process) and a high shelf boost from around 3-3.5kHz to add to the brightness and definition of the track.

As a side note, and something we don’t normally comment on, the promo shot for this track is absolutely on point. Great creative thinking.

Easily one of our favourites this week, Mia Mormino’s Joan of Arc is a truly compelling work of art. We simply cannot wait to hear more from this artist.