Michael Sanders – Miss Lady

Michael Sanders new release “Miss Lady” is possibly one of my favourite reviews so far.

It has a Pink Floyd feel to it right from the first notes (“Have a Cigar” in particular). Touches of Foreigner throughout too.

The swelling keys in particular brought Pink Floyd to mind, and a real 80s Power Ballad feel too. What a unique and compelling subject matter too! A love story that began in a cemetery! Just proving that you can write about anything if you put your mind to it.

This is a seriously solid song and, like I say, one of the best I’ve reviewed so far. The addition of some striking harmonies comes just at the point where, as a listener, I needed something new to happen.

There are glimpses of George Michael style vocals in places, and the bass track lent itself to being something that Pino Palladino might have played! Praise indeed on both counts there.

This is a really interesting song with a superb unexpected chord progression, world class instrumentation and an absolutely electrifying track that gripped my attention all the way through for many listens. I didn’t want to stop. I can’t wait to hear more from this talented multi-instrumentalist.

I pride myself on honest, thoughtful reviews with constructive criticism as well as praise and honestly, all I can think to say to improve this track would be a slight boost in the highest frequencies to help the transients in the ride cymbal poke through a little more.

Michael Sanders has produced a world class track here and we give it our highest accolade of 5 out of 5.

Miss Lady is due out on February 10. Please. Please go pre-save this beautiful melodic indie rock track.