New Orleans (US) based band, Mighty Brother, have just released their latest single, Azimuth, and we’ve been smiling and nodding our heads all the way through several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Azimuth is the title track from Mighty Brother’s forthcoming concept album. Written during the Pandemic, the album deals with loss, normalcy, and rebirth. “Azimuth” shares a positive message to follow the guides and the signs in your life, to find your own north, and to trust in yourself as you pursue your passions. “Baby, you got this!”

We absolutely loved this track. It effortlessly melds together several of our favourite genres; art rock, 70s prog and soul whilst still managing to be totally unique and commanding. In places the track has a Pink Floyd feel to it. At other times you can imagine this may sit alongside a playlist with artists like Supertramp.

There’s some gorgeous delay on the bass that makes it stand out as a real instrument of its own, and not just an accompaniment to the rest of the band. The harmonies on the vocals are superb. Interesting choices of notes and extremely well performed.

The lead vocals are bright and breathy and sound positively effortless. The falsetto moments were a real joy to listen to. Great control and technique here.

The buzzy and breathy simple sax solo with long reverbs gave the whole track a timeless feel. It felt in places like a 1970s prog rock track.

Throughout the track there is always something new to listen to. A lot is always happening to fill out the sound and we all found ourselves nodding along to the funky feel of Azimuth.

The synth bends leading to a huge crescendo were really rather breathtaking. With the occasional rise and fall, the song manages somehow to feel as though it keeps on building for just over 5 minutes. Dropping back to almost nothing after that spectacular huge synth bending moment with just a few notes on the sax, this track really feels like a work of art.

From a production perspective, a boost at around 60Hz would bring the thump of the kick more in line with that beautiful melodic bass line. A wide boost across the high mids centred around 6kHz would give the whole track just a little more brightness and definition. Finally, a boost in the top octave for ‘air’. As always, these are just some thoughts based on our own ears. This track is already a great sounding production and we cannot wait to hear what else this group will produce in the future.

Mighty Brother were a new name to us today, but most definitely one that we will be keeping an eye out for in the future. Song of the day. Most definitely!