MIKE SNODGRASS – It Wasn’t Me, It Was You

The Mike Snodgrass band have just released a great, fun new song entitled “It wasn’t me, it was you”.

The track grabbed my attention straight away with a bluegrassy/red dirt feel and when the vocals came in it was a little reminiscent of Kevin Fowler – both his vocal style and his comedic lyrics.

This is a witty and amusing little song about the end of a relationship with a compulsive liar. Several of the lyrics had me chuckling. A couple had me laugh out loud; “it wasn’t me, it was you” and “I thank god every day that I sent you on your way”.

This song has a great live feel and I can imagine this band being real crowd pleasers in Tennessee and surrounding areas. With subtle incidental sax and harmony vocals that come in for the chorus this song has all the hallmarks of red dirt music. The virtuoso harp solo is absolutely on point for this style of music.

From a production stance, I’d suggest bringing up the top and bottom of the overall EQ. This should make the vocals sit better. At the moment they feel a little dominant and thus making the bass and kick a little lost.

I’m going to be humming this and giggling to myself all day long. I’d love to be able to see these guys performing live. I bet it’d be a real blow your socks off show.

I give this song three ears out of five for production but five out of five for the lyrics!