Monroe Moon – WAR

Monroe Moon are set to release their latest single, WAR. We were listening today here at Send Me Your Ears.
War is an anti-war anthem written in 2021 about military conflict, but its even more relevant today, sadly.

We love the story behind Monroe Moon – a husband and wife couple where the wife suffered with insomnia and got up in the night to write songs and then one day – the husband joined her and it seems as though they haven’t looked back. Bring on the insomnia and keep the music coming!

War is an interesting track which grabs your attention right from the start with some really interesting and unique synth playing. A repeated riff on the synth follows all the way through the track.

There’s some lovely stereo backing vocals in War and we were very drawn to the lead vocals. Sounding a little like a cross between Morcheeba and Cerys Matthews perhaps. There’s a warmth and a chilled out feel to the vocal tones with some lovely breathiness in them.
The vocals in the track are minimal and the repeated synth riff comes and goes between sections.

The guitar solo is, again, super chilled out. There’s something about this track that feels more like a soundscape than a song. Standing at 6 minutes or so long, its unlikely to be picked up by commercial radio, but definitely has huge potential on indie stations, and perhaps for a TV sync deal.

This feels like a track you might put on to chill out after a long hard day, which, considering the subject matter, is quite a feat! This feels much more of a peaceful protest.

From our perspective, there’s a resonating frequency around 250Hz which could do with a little notch out, and a tiny but wide boost in the upper mids will give the overall track a little more definition. Aside from this, its a very well mixed and mastered track in our opinion.

Monroe Moon’s, War, feels like the kind of music that you’d put on in the background if you were having a meditation session, perhaps some time to reflect on the world and your place in it. Sit back and let this dream pop track wash over you.