Moon Walker are set to release their latest single, Doombox on February 25 2022. We were lucky enough to get an early listen to this superb alternative / garage rock ear full!

This is pure attitude that got our heads nodding in time straight away. In just the same way as they did when we first listened to Rage Against The Machine way back in the 90s. Maybe it was the chorus line, or maybe it was the fuzz effect on the bass, but either way, this is clearly a modern take on that nu metal style that I fell in love with when I was just a little younger.

Great stereo in the guitars give this track the drive and attitude that it needs and the changes in the vocal effects between sections all serve to maintain my interest throughout this political themed banger.

The addition of plenty of drive on the vocal channel makes me think of Zack de la Rocha whilst also having some further afield influences on the overall song such as Royal Blood, Muse and even Cameo in places.

Photo credits: Madison McConnell

For me, the one thing letting this track down is the drums, or more specifically, the way they’ve been recorded. It feels as though there were two overhead mics in the room and nothing else which means that there is a lack of presence in the drums which a song like this really needs. I want to hear a snare that almost sounds like a balloon bursting in a song like this and a kick drum that punches you in the chest.

This is a balls on the floor serving of pure swagger. It’s a promising start for a band that are newly formed during the pandemic and an act that I will most certainly be keeping an eye on. I love this style of 90s-ish music and I expect to see some great progress here.

We give this track 4 ears out of 5