We were super excited to see My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House reach the top of our reviews pile again today. We previously reviewed their single, Wasting Away, and at the time it was honestly the band name more than anything that drew them to us! They’re back in our ears at the Send Me Your Ears studio today and are once again proving that they’re way more than just a cool band name! The new single, Going, was released yesterday (14 September 2022) and we’re feeling privileged to be among some of the first to hear it.

Going is just superb right from the word go. Instantly grabbing your attention with really up front and in your face vocals, this is a song which has just the perfect mix of guitars in to be a fantastic example of indie/ skater rock.

This talented Philadelphia (US) trio formed in 2020 and from what we’ve heard so far, are on a fast trajectory. Their songs just keep getting better and better. With moments of Sum 41, this is a very catchy instant hit.

As with the previous review, we’re bowled over by the drumming on this track, but it’s not just that – the whole band are really tight and every member knows exactly what to do to get the best out of their instrument and their listener.

Wasting Away was a song which wowed us with how many different sections and cool moments it had in it. Going is just the same level of interest and quality. There’s even a section in the middle that reminded us of a Rage Against The Machine track, which was, of course, followed by a superb instrumental section and a glorious triplet moment at around 3 minutes 30 just to remind the audience how tight this band are. We bet they nail this song live. The stinger ending and quality of writing, musicianship and scoring make this song hit material without a doubt.

This is an excellent mix as indicated by the fact that only a couple of tiny EQ adjustments to the master would make a real difference (to our ears anyway!).
Firstly, we felt that the low end is little boomy in places so a hi-pass filter in the bottom octave and a tiny (2dB?) additional cut around 115Hz seemed to balance it out a little. Also, a cut around 200Hz to remove some slightly muddy tones. We also felt that a small but wider boost centred around 2.5kHz added a certain ‘edge’ to the track. Once again, tiny adjustments if at all. We enjoyed the track from start to finish. It kept our attention throughout and easily maintained interest.

My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House have every single element as musicians and writers to make it as a household name. We hope this track continues to develop their social media and bring their songs to a wider audience. They truly deserve it.